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WHY BUY ART?  You gaze at an image and you are transported to another time and place where you can feel the warm breeze, smell the flowers and sense the calming presence of another being, all without leaving the comfort of your home.  Your experiece renews your spirit and allows you to restore your soul, and continue on.  You buy art because this transportation adds unequaled dimension to your life and you can go back to it anytime you desire.  Why buy the art of Raney Rogers?  You can be certain that a purchase of one or more of her works of art is an investment, and that Raney is committed to growing in her field through learning from others, painting from life and aspiring to always approach her work with authenticity and spirit.

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2014 workshops are currently scheduled at Sunset River Marketplace, The Turchin Center for Visual Art and Watauga County Arts Council.


"Painting with Raney" art instruction show will

begin airing on mtn18 November 9th at 9am and every Saturday thereafter OR you may view the show online at www.mtn18.com!!!  

Grab a brush and paint with Raney!


Raney Rogers


Raney Rogers is one of North Carolina's most well-known artists. Her diverse styles reveal varietal subject matter from quickly painted plein airs to highly detailed, realistic works completed in the studio.

Rogers has exhibited nationally as well as internationally and travels as often as possible to find new subject matter and inspiration for her work. Raney also teaches workshops. She is available for scheduling in your area.



"Boy in Tidal Pool"

"White painting on location at the shore I created a number of plein air watercolors which are quick paintings done outdoors - a method inspired by the Impressionsts of the early nineteenth century.  The boy sat and built his sand castle for over an hour and exemplified to me a lazy summer day passed with total absorption in the moment."

This is a SPECIAL EDITION SIGNED AND NUMBERED GICLEE, with certificate of authenticity.

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